Keith Hayes and THE SPORTS PAGE GUYS announce UFC/MMA coming to BOSTON

Finally UFC comes to boston......listen here!

Chicago Tribune Sports Section Takes Back Part Of Boston ...

That special front page featured a black box with text that said “We are Chicago Red Sox… We are Chicago Celtics… We are Chicago Bruins… We are Chicago Patriots…” in a move that showed the city of Chicago was standing with Boston.

On Wednesday, however, with the Blackhawks and Bruins battling in the Stanley Cup Final, the Tribune published a reprint of the tribute, except this time,...

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Brad Stevens Exits Butler For Boston

It's the first time the Celtics have hired a college coach since Rick Pitino in 1997, and their first coach with no NBA experience of any kind since ... League's first 18-0 conference record, a 25-game winning streak and an appearance in the NCAA title ...

Vote: Will Brad Stevens be a success as head coach of the Boston Celtics?

It came as a surprise to most, but Butler coach Brad Stevens accepted the head coaching position with the Boston Celtics on Wednesday. Did Stevens make the right career move or did he make a risky A link to this page will be included in your ...

At Tour de France, Cavendish edges toward legends

MARSEILLE, France (AP) — Mark Cavendish will never be the greatest Tour de France rider, because he will never ... trek from the beach resort of Cagnes-sur-Mer.

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