UNC Basketball pick-up game - 8 year old is amazing!

Addis Cone (8 years old) made a free throw to play in the pickup game, but rather than playing with the students he played for the UNC basketball team. After...

t-3 days to launch – here's 8 year old ouya game developer, noah graff


Noah Graff, from Octograb Studio and the developer of the OUYA game, Astronaut Rescue, is one of those awesome people that remind me that amongst all of the game development woes we hear about – financial pressure, creative blocks, team strife – it’s possible that game making can just be a ton of fun. And yes, it can be just that...

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Can Manu Ginobili Still Be Spurs' Sixth Man After Signing New Two-Year Deal?

Manu doesn't have to be the Spurs' sixth man. They have a whole host of players for that job, most notably Danny Green (when he's not starting). And if you think for a second that the Spurs would leave a hole in their team unplugged, you don't ...

Beached killer whales rescued off Fraser Island but marine experts fear for pod survivors

A group of killer whales were left stranded on Queensland’s Fraser Island. Unfortunately two didn't survive. THERE are fears for a pod of killer whales still wallowing in shallow waters off Fraser island's west coast, in the Great Sandy Strait.

Betsy Waters: A festive Fourth of July awaits you and your family in the Bluegrass region

I hope you enjoy honoring our nation’s history this Fourth of July and take time to teach your children about the reason behind all the fun! Betsy Waters was born and raised in ... Sunday school teacher and PTA president. Her passion to get out and ...

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