SLXI simply SPORT BIKES: 2010 Kickoff Ride and Stunt Show

Nearly 400 motorcycles attended the 2010 SLXI and MNSBR Kickoff Ride on June 6, 2010. Upon arriving back at the shop over 700 people watched Aaron Colton thr...

Sport bike social life -

So how do you guys enjoy the social life of being a sport bike rider?

When I went to demo bikes at my local dealership, it seemed easy to strike up a conversation with a few people I met over there. I talked to him for a long time like we shared mutual friends even though we don't. It felt like the movie "I Love You Man" where you engage in a conversation with some guy you never met...

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The Business of Nonprofits

How does a small group set up to help the community without making a profit keep going? ''Nonprofits are just like businesses,'' says Sam McClure, director of affiliate relations and external affairs for the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.

Any Exercise Is Better Than No Exercise

Cardiovascular relates to the heart and blood vessels and is often referred to as aerobic exercise because it denotes exercise that improves the efficiency of the body's cardiovascular system in absorbing and transporting oxygen. Aerobic means ...

How the wheel turns as Simon Gerrans show takes centre stage

He travelled in 2005 to watch Gerrans race in his first Tour de France and is awestruck by what he has achieved. "Until you have actually been there you don't realise the significance of it," Ward says. Allan Gerrans and his wife Kay were in Paris last ...

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