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Sport Chalet's Modern Prototype Opens in Downtown Los Angeles

Sport Chalet, Inc. has opened its new store prototype in downtown Los Angeles located at the FIGat7th shopping center. The modern store layout, designed by architecture firm Gensler, introduces the Expert Center, a hub in the center of the store designed to host classes and clinics that encourage customers of all experience levels to discover something new and embrace an active lifestyle.

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OUTDOORS: Maine has plenty of outdoors activities for everyone

John and I are both avid hikers and bikers -- and he an accomplished kayaker -- and we've written about these sports in most of our pieces ... t yet seen every inch of Maine trail on foot, bike or boat. But let's say you have.

Any Exercise Is Better Than No Exercise

For most, ordinary activities such as shopping, cooking, and other routine household duties won ... and arms improves health by building muscle mass and bone density. These exercises can slow the physiological aging clock by lessening the ...

Olympic athletes inspire next generation at Olympic Training Center

And unlike many more expensive sports, it is easy to rent equipment on-site and sign-up for introductory lessons on a pay-as-you go basis. It costs less than $100 a month for several group lessons and races. All Olympic fans will able to see ...

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