Do you guys sell or repair those Tennis ball machines? - Prank call to Dicks Sporting Goods!

This one is my favorite of all time! I love Dinners at Band Camp! Comment and give us ideas and phone numbers to prank call! We'll do anything! :D.

The 50,570 Mile Journey Of Wimbledon's Tennis Balls | shinesquad

Slazenger is a quintessentially British sports equipment manufacturer and has been the official ball supplier for Wimbledon since 1902 , with its headquarters based at Shirebrook in Derbyshire.

But their official Wimbledon ball flies between 11 countries and across four continents before being manufactured in Bataan in the Philippines and then...

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Technology is the nemesis of golf and maybe its savior

How’s that new driver you just bought doing? Two of my golfing buddies just purchased new drivers with vastly different results. One is happily getting more distance off the tee and the other is trying to get me to take it off his hands at a reasonable ...

Prestonwood Country Club gets a taste of Wimbledon with grass court

DALLAS -- Wimbledon is 5,000 miles and an ocean away, but the members at Prestonwood Country Club in Dallas are getting an up-close sampling of it during this fortnight. PCC Tennis Director John Ingram III showed us the club's grass tennis court.

Gene Scott by Richard Evans

So, finding himself in Russia in 1990 at the height of perestroika and Boris Yelstin’s arrival in the Kremlin, Scott knew what to do as he set out to meet a nine month deadline for the creation of the Kremlin Cup and the one million dollars ...

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